Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Microplate Handler

University of Cambridge

Brand: Perkin Elmer
Model: Twister Li

Perkin Elmer Twister Ii Microplate Handler

The Twister Ii Microplate Handler Is More Than A High Capacity Plate Stacker, It’S Also A Plug-And-Play Bench Top Lab Automation Robotics System, Offering Increased Capacity, Flexibility And Ease-Of-Use Software. Following In The Footsteps Of It Predecessor, The Twister, Twister Ii Affords Users The Ability To Automate Many Lab Instruments And Even Build Completely Automated Workcells. With Up To 400 Standard Microplate Capacity, Twister Ii Provides Extended Hours On Walk Away Time For Scientists And Researchers.

No. Available: 1

Prof. John Trowsdale

Application(s): Research