Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Liquid Handling Robot

University of Cambridge

Brand: CyBio
Model: Cybi-Well 96

Cybi-Well 96/25Ul Liquid Handling System

The Cybiâ®-Well Fixed Head, Disposable Tip Pipettor Can Be Configured With For 96 Or 384 Channels (Here 96 Well) And For Volume Ranges From 200 Nl To 1000 µl. The Pipettor Is Ideal For Hts Or Research Environments. In Only 20 Seconds, It Pipettes And Transports A 384-Well Microplate; In 30 Seconds And In Just Four Steps, It Process 1536-Well Microplates. Procedures Can Be Quickly And Easily Programmed With The Cybiocomposer Software. The System Consists Either Of A 3-, 4- Or 5-Position Plate Carriage Respectively Of A Circularly 10 Position Transport System With Space For Processed Plates And Other Accessories Such As Tip Washing Stations Or Reagent Reservoirs.

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Dr Jim Haseloff


  • Clean Room

Application(s): Research