Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

DNA Sequencer

University of Cambridge

Brand: Illumina
Model: HiSeq 2500 PE

Illumina Hiseq 2500 Pe Sequencer With 125 Sequencing Lane. Flow Cells Are Loaded On The Vacuum-Controlled Loading Dock. Pre-Configured, Plug-And-Play, Reagents Sufficient For Up To 200 Cycles Drop Into Racks In The Machine’S Chiller Compartment, Requiring Only Two Minutes Of Hands-On Time. Generate Up To 200 Gb Per Run With The Highest Yield Of Data Greater Than Q30, 2 × 100 Bp Read Length, Up To 25 Gb Per Day, Two Billion Paired-End Reads Per Run. Please Liaise With Primary Contact To Discuss And Arrange Access.

No. Available: 1

Mrs. Susan J. Martin