Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Transmission Electron Microscope

University College London

Brand: Phillips
Model: Cm 12

The Tem Remains The Principal Instrument To Provide High Resolution Ultrastructural Information From The Internal Regions Of Cells (Animal Or Plant) And Bacteria, Particularly Where Samples Must Be Scanned For The Smallest Detail. By Use Of Various Fixation Protocols, Combined With Immunocytochemistry, Histocytochemistry, Autoradiography And Genetic Hybridisation Techniques, Cell Structures And Functions Can Be Localised Within Either In Vitro Cell Layers And Cell/Biomaterial Constructs Or Biopsy Tissues. The Elemental Composition Of Cellular Inclusions And Small Particles Are Possible Using Tem And X-Ray Analysis. This Can Provide Data On Elemental Localisation Atmicro And Nanoscale Not Possiblewith Many Other Techniques.

No. Available: 1

J Knowles