Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Real Time PCR Machine

University of Cambridge

Brand: Applied Biosystems
Model: 7500

The 7500 Real-Time Pcr System Is A Powerful Platform For Labs Requiring Superior Performance And Maximum Dye Versatility. This System Is A Sophisticated Platform For Users Who Require Extended Capabilities And Maximum Versatility. The 3Rd Generation Platform Features An Innovative Optical System That Enhances Sensitivity And Lets You Access A Broader Range Of Fluorophores. The Variable Excitation Capability Allows Greater Sensitivity For Longer Wavelength (Red) Dyes.

€¢ Powerful, Five-Color Platform Is Calibrated For The Broadest Range Of Dyes Available: Fam™„Sybrâ® Green I, Vicâ®Â„Joeâ„¢, Ned™„ Tamra™„ Cy3„¢, Rox™„Texas Redâ®, And Cy5„¢ Dyes
€¢ Specialized Optical System Enables Easy And Accurate Calibration To New Dyes Without Requiring The Addition Of New Filter Sets
€¢ Advanced Multi-Componenting Algorithm Minimizes Spectral Crosstalk €“ Superior For Multiplexing
€¢ User-Friendly Software Includes Plate Set-Up Wizards, Multi-Plate Data Viewing Capabilities, And Advanced Analysis Tools To Make Data Processing Simple And Straightforward

Applications Include Gene Expression Analysis, Pathogen Quantitation, Snp Genotyping, Isothermal And +„€“ Assays Utilizing Internal Positive Controls. To Facilitate Many Of These Applications, Applied Biosystemsâ® Provides Preformulated, Ready-To-Use, Quality-Tested, Taqmanâ® Assays For Use With The 7500 System.

No. Available: 1

Dr M Yasmin

Application(s): Research