Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment


University of Cambridge

Thermo Scientific Nanodrop 8000 Multi-Sample Micro-Volume Uv-Vis Spectrophotometer Processes Up To Eight Micro-Volume (1µl) Samples At A Time The Nanodrop 8000 Allows Scientists To Quickly And Easily Quantify And Assess Purity Of Samples Such As Proteins And Nucleic Acids. Using An 8-Channel Pipetter To Dispense Samples Onto An Array Of Pedestals, Analyze 96 Samples In Less Than Six Minutes. It Offers: Measure Nucleic Acid And Protein Concentration Of Samples As Small As 1 µl Direct, Easy Measurements From Tubes Or Plates Single Sample Mode Or Up To Eight Samples At A Time Analysis Of 96 Samples In Less Than 6 Minutes Full Spectral Output Calculates Sample Purity Ratios (260/280) Pre-Configured Methods For Common Applications Such As Nucleic Acid, Protein A280, Microarray, Proteins & Labels, Bradford, Bca, Lowry And Pierce 660Nm €“ And More Intuitive And Flexible Software For Creating Custom Methods And Exporting Data No Consumables Sample Position Illuminator Which Increases Efficiency And Reduces Error By Keeping Track Of The Samples To Be Measured

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Dr Jane Gray