Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment


University of Cambridge

Brand: Beckman Coutier
Model: Optima Le80

Optima Le80 Ultra Centrifuge

The Beckman Optimaâ„¢ Le-80K Ultracentrifuge Offers The Fastest Separations Possible In The Minimum Amount Of Time With Its Performance Capability Of Up To 80,000 Rpm. This Versatile Model Is Compatible With A Wide Range Of Superior Rotors And Tubes. Capable Of Rapid Run Times, The Optimaâ„¢ Le-80 K Is Perfect For A Broad Range Of Applications.

Featuring A High Tolerance Of Rotor Imbalance, This Beckman Centrifuge Uses A Frequency-Controlled, Air-Cooled, Direct-Drive Induction Motor That Requires No Brushes Or Gears. Operators Are Assured Of Smooth And Quiet Performance With This Externally Forced-Air Cooled And Internally Oil Cooled Unit.

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Ms Sara Singlehurst