Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Inverted Microscope

University of Cambridge

Brand: Nikon
Model: Eclipse Ti

Nikon Eclipse Ti Microscope With Okolab Incubator And Onix Microfluidic Perfusion Platform.

The Nikon Eclipse Ti Inverted Microscope Provides Access To Advanced Techniques Such As Tirf, Confocal, Fret, Photoactivation And Microinjection.

The Okolab Bold Line Cage Incubator Maintains All The Required Environmental Conditions For Cell Culture All Around The Microscopy Workstation, Thus Enabling To Carry Out Prolonged Observations On Biological Specimens And Allowing At The Same Time Enough Space For Other Equipment.

The Onixâ„¢ Microfluidic Perfusion Platform Delivers Unprecedented Control For Live Cell Imaging Experiments. The System Integrates With Your Existing Microscope System To Enable Dynamic Time-Lapse Experiments Never Before Possible. Cutting Edge Microfluidics Technology Provides An Improved Cell Culture Microenvironment, Exceptional Quality For High Magnification Microscopy, And Superior Media Switching Capabilities.

No. Available: 1

Mr. Jonathan Fort