Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Differential Scanning Calorimetry (Dsc), Mettler 822E

Queen Mary University of London

Dsc Analysis Is Used For Measuring Thermal Transitions, Such As Melting Point (Tm) And Glass Transition Temperature (Tg), In A Range Of Materials. The Analysis Involves A Sample Being Heated Over A Set Temperature Range. Any Energy Absorbed Or Evolved From A Sample Is Compensated For By Adding Or Subtracting An Equivalent Amount Of Electrical Energy To A Heater Located In The Sample Holder. This Results In Transitions Being Measured Directly, Providing More Accurate Results. The Analyser Is Cooled Using An Intracooler Allowing Operation From -65 To 600 Oc. This Dsc Has High Sensitivity For Weak Transitions And Is Automated (Robotic) Providing High Sample Throughput And Efficiency.

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M Mafina