Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment


University of Cambridge

Brand: Olympus
Model: Bx50

Olympus Bx50 Microscope

Offering Superior Performance Covering Application From Routine Investigation To Sophisticated Research, The Bx50 Features The Specifications To Satisfy A Wide Range Of Observation Requirements.
The Uis (Universal Infinity System) Infinity-Corrected Optical System Provides An Extended Field Of View (F.N.22), Higher Contrast And The Sharpest Images, As Well As Outstanding Flatness Throughout The Entire Field Of View.
The Bx Y Shape Provides An Uncluttered Work Surface, That Is Ideal For Convenient Positioning Of A Photomicrographic System Control Unit, Cell Counter Or Other Ancillary Equipment Near The Stand.
Extra-Bright 100W Halogen Illumination For Excellent Performance With Any Microscopic Technique.

No. Available: 1

Mrs. Helen Gossage