Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment


University of Surrey

Brand: Beckman Coulter
Model: Optima Tlx

The Optima Tlx Features Maximum Performance Capabilities Of 657,000 X G And Sample Volumes Ranging From 0.2 Ml To 5.1 Ml Per Tube. System Features Include Imbalance-Tolerant, Direct Vacuum-Encased, Air-Cooled Drives With 5-Year Warranties; Rotor Imbalance Detection; Moisture-Purging Vacuum Pump; Fixed Angle Rotors With A Fluid-Containment Annulus; Chlorofluorocarbon-Free, Solid-State Temperature Control Systems; Automatic Rotor Identification; User Diagnostics; Programmability With Up To Five Step Changes; Ten Selectable Acceleration/Deceleration Rates; And Microprocessor Control. Rotors Are Sold Separately And Are Fully Warranted For Five Years.

No. Available: 1

Prof Joseph Keddie