Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Liquid Handling Robot

University of Cambridge

Synergyâ„¢ Ht Multi-Mode Microplate Reader For Fluorescence, Absorbance And Luminescence Measurements. The Synergy Ht Utilizes A Unique Dual-Optics Design. When Making Fluorescence Determinations, The Synergy Ht Uses A Tungsten Halogen Lamp With Interference Filters For Wavelength Specificity In Conjunction With A Pmt Detector. The Tungsten Halogen Lamp Produces A Large Amount Of Light At A Constant Intensity, Providing Increased Sensitivity And Repeatability. Specially Designed Fluorescent Interference Filters Prevent Light Leakage From Excitation Wavelength To The Emission Wavelength, Particularly Important With Fluorescent Compounds With Small Stoke’S Shifts. In Addition, The Ability To Use Filters With Different Bandpasses Allows The Investigator To Tailor Their Fluorescence Measurements To Their Experiment More Effectively. The Low Noise Pmt Is Operated In Digital Photon Integration Mode For High Performance Luminescence Measurements. When Absorbance Measurements Are Made, The Instrument Switches To A Xenon Flash Lamp And A Monochromator For Wavelength Selection. The Use Of A Xenon Flash Lamp Allows For Both Uv And Visible Light Absorbance Measurements. The Monochromator Provides Wavelength Selection From 200 To 999 Nm In 1 Nm Increments.

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Dr Kevin O’Shaughnessy