Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Emccd Camera

University of Cambridge

Scientific Camera, Back-Illuminated 1024 X 1024 Emccd With Standard Ar Coating And Fringe Suppression, Mechanical Shutter, 13 μM Pixel Size, Max Readout Rate 30 Mhz, Max Frame Rate 26 Fps, Cooling To -95 C Max., Digitization 16 Bit For All; Shamrock 303I Imaging Spectrograph Base Unit, 300 Mm Focal Length, F/4 Aperture, Single Motorised Input Slit (10 μM To 2.5 Mm), Single Ccd Exit, Motorised Grating Turret Operation, Aluminium+Mgf2 Coated Optics, Usb2.0 Interface, Including C; 3 Gratings Available.

No. Available: 1

Prof Simone Hochgreb

Application(s): Research