Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Tissue Reconstruction Robot

Imperial College London

Model: Histo-Cutter

The Histocutter Is A Purpose-Built Robotic Device For 3D Tissue Reconstruction. It Runs Overnight In An Unattended Mode, And Can Do Multi-Spectral Imaging Of Fluorescent Signal From Thousands Of Aligned Tissue Slices. One Can Do Optical Sectioning, E.G. With A Confocal Microscope, But That Is Limited By Optical Penetration Of Tissues, Especially In Bone Or Cartilage, Or Large Tissues, Whereas The Histo-Cutter Can Be Used For High-Throughput 3D Visualisation Of E.G. Articular Cartilage Morphology In Mice, Surgical Samples From Patients Or Whole Eyes.
Main Features:
(I) Rotary Microtome With Knife And Cutting Head With Clamp For Tissue Block
(Ii) Arc Lamp
(Iii) Objective Lens (4X)
(Iv) Zoom Option (1-7)
(V) Filter Wheel – Fitc, Rhod And Dapi
(Vi) High Res Camera 4096 X 4096 Pixels
(Vii) Computer-Capture, 3D Reconstruction, Visualisation, Analysis

No. Available: 1

Dr Hari Arora

Application(s): Healthcare