Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Microplate Handler

University of Cambridge

Brand: Perkin Elmer

Topcount Nxt With Windows Nt-Based Operating Software And Built-In Hologramrelational Database Software, Provides The Maximum Capability For Both Basic Research And High Throughput Screening. Topcount Nxt Analyzes Two, Six, Or Twelve Samples At A Time, And Counts Samples In 24-, 96-, And 384-Well Microplates, As Well As Microcentrifuge Tubes. The External Plate Stacker Allows More Than 15,000 Samples To Be Loaded For The Highest Unattended Counting Capacity, Or You Can Integrate Your Topcount Nxt Into A Robotic System For Unlimited High Throughput. Only Topcount Nxt Can Control The Counting Chamber Temperature To Ensure A Reproducible Counting Environment For All Your Assays.

No. Available: 1

Prof. Douglas T. Fearon

Application(s): Research