Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Gas Pycnometer

Queen Mary University of London

Brand: Micromeritics
Model: Accupyc1330

The Accupyc 1330 Pycnometer Is An Easy To Use, Fully Automatic Gas Displacement Pycnometer. It Measures Density And Volume By Measuring The Pressure Change Of Helium In A Calibrated Volume. The Analysis Measures Volume, From Which Density Can Be Derived Automatically If The Sample Weight Has Been Entered. The Accupyc Has 3 Different Chamber Sizes Available Including: 10Cm3; 3.5Cm3 & 1Cm3. The Accupyc Also Comes With The Foampyc Option Kit Which Is Designed To Operate With The 10Cm3 Chamber. This Is Used To Provide Ways To Measure Open & Closed Cell Fractions Of Materials Such As Polystyrene, Urethane And Rubber Foams.

No. Available: 1

M Mafina

Application(s): Research