Pump Priming Call FAQ

Pump Priming Call FAQ

  1. The application form only allows one applicant to be named per institution, can other academics from the same institution also be involved?

    Yes. We expect the majority of applications to include multiple people at each partner institution. We would encourage you to involve as many people from each partner institution as are needed / relevant to complete the project, however for the purposes of the application itself you need only list the lead academic at each partner.

  2. Can academics from within the same research group or institution participate in multiple applications?

    Yes. There is no limit on the number of applications per research group or institution.

  3. Can international colleagues be included in the application?

    Yes. Applications must include a UK-RAS Network member and be UK focused, however international links are also welcomed. Please note, we would expect the funding request to be centred on the UK-based partners.

  4. What are the funding rules for this call?

    Group activities should be costed at 100% fEC up to max of £35k. Reasonable administrative support may be requested but we are unable to fund any investigator or research time as part of this call as the projects are not intended to directly deliver research. Awards will be made on the basis of 80% fEC.

  5. Can groups take part in the Robotics Summer Showcase?

    Yes. We encourage successful groups to add any events planned during June to our list of Robotics Summer Showcase events so that they can be included in UK-RAS promotional materials. Please note: events must be confirmed before 4th April for inclusion in the official press release.

  6. Can groups take part in the UK Festival of Robotics?

    Yes. We encourage successful applicants to target public-facing events towards the UK Festival of Robotics (18th – 24th June 2022), as they will benefit from extra promotion and increased visibility under the umbrella of Festival events programme. However, applicants should not feel restricted from organising events at any time of year. Please note: public events must be confirmed before 2nd May for inclusion in the official UK Festival of Robotics press release.

  7. My project is linked to the Robotics Proving Ground Business Case. Are there any deadlines for this?

    Yes. Any projects that can contribute to the upcoming Robotics Proving Ground must be able to provide initial deliverables by the start of June 2022.

  8. When will the successful applicants be notified?

    Friday 1st April 2022.

    If your queries have not been answered by the above, or you or would like to discuss your application, please contact UK-RAS Network Manager, Marianne Knight.