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MATS 2024 – Marine Autonomous Systems (MAS)MATS 2024 – call for papers

UK-RAS members might find this interesting – especially those who are interested in Marine Autonomous Systems and also a great way of meeting some people from NERC institutes.

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Themes 2024

During MATS 2024 – our 10th event – we aim to explore Marine Autonomous Systems (MAS), to underline its significance and to represent each key aspect through the themes outlined. 

Throughout the event we will reflect on some of the big advancements and aspirations of the 10 previous events, many of which have been actualised over this period and resulted in key developments.

We encourage presenters of all nationalities, genders and backgrounds to submit an abstract for consideration. This includes early careers or newly qualified engineers / technicians as we actively seek to enable the next generation to begin their journey.

Theme 1 – The Blue Economy, Sustainability and Future Marine Research Infrastructure

Discover how innovative organisations are implementing sustainable practices into their current and future operations. This theme explores how Net Zero initiatives are enabling sustainability and how Marine Autonomous Systems drive this forward. For this theme we are looking at presentations that demonstrate innovative ways to embrace and develop the way forward. 

Theme 2 – Robotics and Remote Data Collection

We invite presentations from end-users of marine technology, focussing on both current and aspirational data gathering applications of MAS. Aiming to explore interactions with the environment, subsea infrastructure, and how MAS can be utilised to meet end-user requirements. We are also welcoming presentations showcasing the success of implementing marine technology with evidence of improved service, reduced carbon emissions, and increased data quality and quantity.

Theme 3 – Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning in the Maritime World 

This theme will explore the latest advancements and applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in MAS and marine data analysis. AI and ML are increasingly being used to improve the performance, efficiency, and usability of MAS, including in navigation, perception, environmental monitoring, and image analysis. While there are many benefits to integrating AI into MAS, there are also many challenges. 

How ‘real’ is AI? Is actual decision-making happening now vs. pattern recognition (ML)? What advances are being made towards true AI? How much trust can we put in these technologies? How relevant are they to end-user applications and real-world contexts? 

Presentations are sought on a range of topics including autonomous navigation, planning, data analysis and annotation to provide an insight into the latest trends and emerging technologies in marine autonomy, as well as the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. 

Theme 4 – Autonomous Platforms: the Next Generation and Supporting Technology 

We will be putting a spotlight on the next 12 months of autonomous platform development. Presentations are sought that include, but are not limited to, sensing technologies, end to end systems, situational awareness, navigation, networking, collaboration and cooperation, residency, launch and recovery and novel vehicles including a forward look to future vehicle technologies. We are also encouraging presentations that look at the roles of software, cyber technologies and digital twins in operations. 

This session will demonstrate how step changes in MAS technology deliver improved performance through real examples of field operation, whether with a single platform or a fleet of platforms.