In 2021 the UK Robotics Week was revamped as the UK Festival of Robotics.

This 7-day annual celebration is held in the last week of June each year and aims to boost public engagement in robotics and intelligent systems. This exciting week-long programme will run from 17th – 23rd June 2023, offering events, special competitions, and interactive activities for robot enthusiasts of all ages.

The week will incorporate virtual award presentations for the talented winners of our KS1 ‘Draw A Robot’ design and KS2 ‘Once Upon A Robot’ story writing competitions for school children.


Since 2016, the UK Robotics Week has been the leading UK event in robotics and automated systems, with over 165 events – including 54 core events organised by the Network – featured in in the 2019 programme.

Held in the last week of June each year, UK Robotics Week showcased hundreds of robotics events, ranging from competitions, lectures, open days, symposia, hackathons, festivals, workshops, and film premieres throughout the UK.

The week concluded with our highlight event the International Robotics Showcase.

Below are some photos of our previous Showcase events:

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UK Festival of Robotics

17th – 23rd June 2023