UK Festival of Robotics 2023

The UK Festival of Robotics (formerly UK Robotics Week) is a 7-day celebration of UK robotics research and innovation, aiming to engage the public with robotics, AI, and automation through a mix of online and in-person events.

Call for Events

The annual UK Festival of Robotics generates excitement and curiosity about robotics and autonomous systems among members of the public.

We would love to promote any existing or new events you would like to run as part of the UK Festival of Robotics. If you would like to us to include your event in our press release please complete our short online form by the 2nd May 2023, otherwise events can be submitted for inclusion in our events list at any time.

By taking part in the UK Festival of Robotics, event organisers can help to raise the profile of robotics and autonomous systems, inspire the next generation of roboticists, and gain valuable insights into their own research from people from diverse backgrounds.

Examples of events: workshops, tours, teleoperation activities, augmented reality, online games, competitions, performing arts, exhibitions. We also welcome proposals for novel event types not listed above.


Official UK Festival of Robotics events will receive:

  1. Dedicated promotion from the UK-RAS Network, including:
    • a national press-release;
    • the UK-RAS website;
    • the UK-RAS email newsletter;
    • UK-RAS social media accounts;
    • the UK-RAS EventBrite page (optional).
  2. Use of UK Festival of Robotics branding and graphics.
  3. In-kind contributions for specific enabling items (see Terms and Conditions).

Event Criteria

To be considered for the official events programme, an event must:

UK Festival of Robotics

17th – 23rd June 2023