Materials Growth Facility

University Of Cambridge

Category: Fabrication and Classification

“Thin Films Deposition (Nanometer And Angstrom Range To Micrometers, Ultra High Purity) Via:

A) Molecular Beam Epitaxy (Metal And Oxides),
B) Dc/Rf Magnetron Sputtering (Metal And Oxides),
C) Electrochemical Desposition,
D) Ion-Milling (Ar+, O+, N+) Facility.

In-Situ Characterisation Techniques Available On Request (Mbe Only):
A) Low Energy Electron Diffraction,
B) Reflection High Energy Electron Diffraction,
C) Scanning Tunneling Microscopy,
D) Auger Electron Spectroscopy,
E) Longitudinal Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect,
F) Brillouin Light Scattering,
G) Mott Polarimetry.

Please Liaise With Primary Contact To Discuss And Arrange Access.

Equipment Available

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