Geophysical Equipment Facility (Gef)

The University Of Edinburgh

Category: Non-Robotics Related Miscellane

Gef Is A Facility Supporting Projects Across A Broad Spectrum Of Earth And Environmental Sciences By Provision Of Internationally-Recognised, State-Of-The-Art Geophysical Instrumentation For Marine And Land-Based Field Experiments. It Enables Researchers To Undertake World-Class Research Utilising Geophysical Observations. Its Diverse Customer Base Undertakes Research Into Active Tectonics And Crustal, Mantle And Deep Earth Structure, Science-Based Archaeology, Glaciology, Climate Change, Sedimentology, Volcano Monitoring And Magma Chamber Imaging, Environmental Hazards And Geothermal Resource Mapping.
Edinburhg Forms The Central Administrative Node. It Specialises In Support For Gps, Gpr And Geomagnetism.

Equipment Available

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