Mechanical Testing And Camtec Lab

University Of Cambridge

Category: Fabrication and Classification

Determination Of The Physical And Mechanical Properties Of Materials.
Facility Includes Nano Indenter Xp Testing System (Ball Ruby 500 Micron Diameter, Conical Diamond 2 Micron Radius Cone Angle 90 Deg, Two Berkovich Spherical 50 Micron Radius).

Screw Driven Machines: Schenck 50 Kn Screw, Etmt (Electro Thermo Mechanical Testing), Hounsfield 5Kn. Servo-Hydraulic Machines: Esh 10 Kn, Instron 8501 100 Kn, Instron Mayes 100 Kn, Instron 100Kn With Environmental Chamber, Esh Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue, Lcf Machine. Other Equipment: Creep Testing, Charpy Impact, Pinger, Adhesion Testing Device.

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