Robot autonomy and intelligent machines

Whether you’re planning a trip to Mars, exploring radioactive buildings, or patrolling underground pipes for leaks, it helps to have a robot pal – and especially one that can think for themselves. Most robots in use today either do very simple actions — like assembling parts or lifting heavy objects — or they need a ...

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Underground, overground: robots exploring extreme environments

Robots are much hardier than humans so they can be very useful for working in hazardous environments. In our previous blogs we’ve seen that robots are helping people to explore far away places in our solar system, and cope with dangerous conditions on earth, such as handling nuclear waste. Another extreme environment right here on ...

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3…2…1 Lift-Off!

The launch fittingly took place beneath the 80ft-long Blue Streak Rocket at the National Space Centre in Leicester. A group of students aged 8 to 11 from nearby Mellor Community Primary School and Forest Lodge Academy were invited to meet robotics experts from the UK-RAS Network and try out the app, which was designed and created by Twinkl for the competition.

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